The GDPR programme management system includes automated processes to plan, assign, assess and manage privacy risks, implement privacy practices and compliance controls, and ensure ongoing monitoring. Authorized users from business, legal, IT and support functions can build, execute, and analyse practices; operationalise privacy requirements; and monitor the status of all GDPR initiatives, processes and individual tasks via a single management system and a global GDPR programme management dashboard.

 The cornerstone of a sustainable GDPR programme is a process approach that integrates with existing organisational processes for business operations and data protection to leverage available resources and assigned responsibilities. GDPR requirements for data discovery, impact assessments, data processing reviews and legal obligation compliance audits are co-ordinated and managed to optimise resource usage.

Key features of the GDPR programme management system include:

  • Policy and legal obligation registers
  • Regulatory compliance mapping and monitoring
  • Risk based process approach to data protection
  • Data mapping and data processing documentation
  • Threat and vulnerability knowledge bases
  • Operational, privacy-enhancing work practices
  • Document template library
  • Automated gap analysis for GDPR, ISO 27001, ISO 27002, cyber security, cloud computing, human resources, etc.
  • Data processing privacy practices/controls database
  • Privacy practice workflow management
  • Business process compliance assessment templates
  • Processor and subcontractor compliance validation
  • Integrated data processing and protection audits
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Workflow management integrated with operational processes and ‘business as usual’ responsibilities
  • Centralized evidential records management
  • Enterprise GDPR status and capability dashboards.

Benefits of Automated GDPR Programme Management

The benefits of GDPR programme management investments are now clear. Try maintaining GDPR compliance with emerging technologies, changing business processes and an evolving GDPR requirements definition. Keep operational practices up-to-date, controls effective and personnel informed.

Companies have struggled with a costly combination of point solutions, consultants and spreadsheets. Now GDPR programme management tools help organizations conduct privacy impact assessments, check processing activities against requirements, and track incidents of unauthorized disclosures of personal data through investigation, remediation and reporting.

The GDPR programme management system documents data flows of personal information (for the controller and DPO), supports authoring and distribution of privacy policies, practices, templates and controls, tracks individual user activity across the entire enterprise and summarises current status and maintains evidential records and history logs to respond when required to data subject and regulator information requests and complaints.

Design of the GDPR Programme Management System

Developed in consultation with our experienced customer-base, the GDPR Programme Management System puts data controllers and data protection officers in the driver seat giving them full control of data protection management, automating data protection processes and increasing productivity as they manage their enterprise’s global GDPR initiatives from a single dashboard.

Twenty years of data protection experience has helped develop the first GDPR governance and management system. It incorporates actionable practices to address complex regulatory requirements, enabling end-to-end GDPR programme management, leading to increased efficiency and productivity of employees and reduced levels of GDPR non-compliance.