ITGN Governance Services provide organisations of all sizes with support in the development and implementation of governance for the use of information and technology. Typical requests include:

  • Establishing a governance framework
  • IT Governance charters
  • IT Governance Board/Committee terms of reference
  • Accountability framework
  • Role descriptions
  • Outsourced service contracts.


ITGN COBIT 5 Implementation Services depend on the objective for implementing COBIT 5.  Typical objectives of a COBIT 5 implementation are:

  • Better governance of IT
  • Continuous improvement of the IT organisation
  • Process development and capability improvement
  • Optimisation of IT resources
  • LEAN IT operations
  • Alignment with business goals and strategic objectives.


ITGN COBIT 5 Assessment Services are provided by ISACA accredited Certified COBIT 5 Assessors and Lead Assessors with a broad range of experience across industries and technology services. Typical services include:

  • Class I assessments - Formal certification
  • Class II assessments - Formal improvement and optimisation
  • Class III assessments - Formal status check
  • Class IV assessments - Informal health check. 


ITGN COBIT 5 Improvement and Optimisation Services aim to reduce complexity and costs of providing information and technology services to the business and other stakeholder groups . Typical requests include:

  • IT Service Optimisation
  • Information Security Implementation.


ITGN ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Implementation Services to design, implement and operate an effective and efficient management system. Typical requests include:

  • Develop and implement an ISO 27001 compliant management system
  • Manage information security.


ITGN COBIT 5 / ISO 31000 Risk Management Services to optimise risk management. Typical requests include:

  • Optimisation of risk management
  • Increasing the value of risk management services.


IT Governance and Management training is provided in-house and through public courses. Available courses include:

  • COBIT 5 Foundation
  • COBIT 5 Implementation
  • COBIT 5 Assessor
  • IT Governance implementation
  • Corporate Governance of ICT based on ISO 38500.